the building has undergone a complete renovation in order to meet the needs of customers and current standards in comfort. Interior spacer and aesthetic finishes were revised and the to give a more modern and renovated aspect. Therefore our choices keep the necessary features to achieve excellent results of livability of the building microclimate and also energy saving.

our customers are offered quality products at km 0, from farms in the area. In particular, our choice fell on Terrealte consortium, established in 2003 by a group of farmers from the area of Lecco. Their aim is to be always in contact with the territory, with its history and its natural beauty. Within Terrealte we relied on the associated companies and Melyos Leccolatte: Melyos for the honey and aze while Leccolatte for dairy products.

The jams are produced by dele.BIO, born in 2006 as an attempt to highlight some land of fund Valtellina in Delebio. To the initial cultivation of berries was added, a few years later, the production of jams and fruit nectar (juice and pulp). In 2011 we decided to move towards organic production systems. Finally in 2015, both the fruit and the nectar that jams are certified, and led to the brand new dele.BIO.

Guests can also enjoy an excellent apple juice coming from the farm Simonini, located in Ponte in Valtellina. Since 1975 the Simonini family is passionately dedicated to the cultivation of orchards, apples ensuring high quality and minimizing the use of chemicals.

For those who prefer a savory breakfast, we selected the prosciutto Marco d'Oggiono, a company founded in the early '900 and transformed in 1945 into a prosciutteria (producing only ham and similar). The products come up in a peculiar climate, characterized by the fresh air of the Brianza hills combined with the breeze of the lakes, thus creating a perfect combination: the amount of salt is reduced and it permits to get a seasoned sausage naturally without preservatives

We selected the small firm from Valtellina called Helleboro , which since 1974 handles with herbal and natural cosmetics . Devoted to the interest that the public expresses towards botanical product intended as natural Helleboro formula and produces quality natural cosmetics , colognes and perfumes of flowers

our care and concern for the environment has led us to the product line Winni's which is extremely efficient and eco-conscious . The company uses hypoallergenic , biodegradable and plant origin substances, with completely recyclable packaging

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