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Directly accessible from the bike path that starts at 500 meters from our B & B you can get to the rowing center "Marinai d'Italia" on the shores of our lake where you can enjoy the peace and all the wonders of the lake area, with guided excursions and courses.

Request info or visit website: http://oggionokayakteam.blogspot.it/


"Polo Club Nuova Poncia Annone Brianza": a few minutes from our B & B in the green most relaxing of all brianza surrounded by beautiful green hills peeps Nuova Poncia, scene of social events of national and international, world championships and campinati frisbee team of Polo as well as horse riding school.

Request info or visit website: www.lanuovaponcia.it



Just 1 km from our B&B is the "Tennis Club Oggiono" structure with two artificial turf and two fields in stratified resin including 2 always covered and one pressurized during the winter. Request info or visit:


From our B & B you can easily walk the path that surrounds both Lake Hanno is the lake today that winds on the shores of the two lakes to Km. 13.5. The site has become an obligatory destination of runner and mountain bike, starting point for wonderful itineraries and excursions up to Lecco and following the river Adda get even in Milan, or in the opposite direction Bellagio.


Only 1 Km away from our B & B (also accessible by bike) located on the bank of the lake today is the "Stendhal Sport Club" sports facility equipped with slides, with bath main mt. 25 in length and mt. 18 of width and a spa education, summer park open from June to September, a lounge, fitness center, soccer fields as well as indoor and outdoor restaurant. 4

Request info or visit: www.stendhalsportclub.it


Easily reachable in 15 minutes by car Mount Cornizzolo (mt. 1,241) which rises above the mirror of Lake Hanno where you can enjoy the paragliding school "Aero Club Monte Cornizzolo" and tandem flights for an exciting experience, almost magical. Meta considered a must for lovers of the sector.

Request info or visit: http://www.cornizzolo.com/

Wow Territorio da Vivere

To be informed of all events and appointments of our wonderful territory not forget to visit the Territorio da Vivere and Facebook page Wow territorio da vivere:

Visit website: http://www.territoriodavivere.com/

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A short walk from our B & B (also accessible by walk) you can have fun on one of the 7 most prestigious golf courses in the provinces of Como and Lecco. At the foot of the Resegone and Grigne surrounded by relaxing in one of the greenest in the Brianza there are the 18-hole "Golf Club Lecco", for professionals and amateurs ..

Request info or visit www.golflakecomo.com

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